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Welcome to !

Whether this is your first visit or you’ve been a member of the community for a while, you will be pleased to know that we have decided to take a new turn and take our whole project of supply and demand trading a step further, following a more professional approach.


Unlearn to learn

unlearnThe majority of new traders start their trading career with wrong information by default. As a result, a  big majority of them end their trading career prematurely. Only tiny minority survives who managed to shake themselves of toxic trading information freely provided by mainstream media, individuals, groups and institutions.

You will not become a successful trader by following popular forums, reading all those so called cutting edge free analysis and forecasts. Instead, you have to be willing to undertake hard work of learning how to trade correctly by yourself. You have to learn to depend on yourself only and nobody else when trading. Trading is a lonely business. You are alone in the market. It's scary but if and when you overcome all these obstacles, markets can be very rewarding indeed.

When joining AceGazette, all new members should open a thread under "Sailors Practice Journals" category of AG Trading Forums with AG user name. Members first post needs to cover their trading history to date so that I can have some idea about how much you have been exposed to toxic trading information in order to clear it all. The cleansing process then begins by replacing harmful trading habits and knowledge with useful ones. All needed learning material is in the members section.


Advance with trader ranks

advance ranksLearning what's on the written document is the easiest part. However, putting what you learned into practice is the hardest part. Perhaps this process is best illustrated by those who learn another language from books. They can read and write perfectly once they thoroughly learned the language but when it comes to speaking, they just cannot.

Learning is one thing. Doing is another. Saying is one thing. Doing is another.

Main purpose of AG training is to get you trading correctly. Putting into practice what you learned so that you can be master of your craft within your capabilities.

Once you learned better ways of trading, you'll need to post your trades at your own trading journal thread in Ace Gazette Forums to show your progress.

Remember, this is a hands-on training. Putting what you have been learning into practice and gaining AG trader’s rank as your trading progresses by posting your trades with details. You'll find how AG Trader Ranks work in AG forums. I will be watching your trading journal and guiding as and when needed.


Live training

live trainingDuring your practice, you will be invited to join a small conference group. We'll be dealing with your trading questions and issues in voice.

What do you need in order to be invited in conference call (live training) group?
Nothing much other than a serious commitment to trading. Conference calls made using Skype. You'll need Skype installed on your computer, microphone and speakers (headsets are best with microphone) for voice.

How do you show commitment?
By posting your trades with details in your AG practice journal thread in the AG Forums.

Conference calls are held every fortnight for about two hours or more. Your journal and conference calls will continue until you are ready for live trading or you decide to give up on AG membership.

Trading is more of an art than science. It's a craft. If you want to perform your craft successfully, first thing is to learn it correctly then practice and practice and more practice... This is where live training comes in beside your own efforts. I do not promise that I'll make all members successful traders. What I promise is to teach you the trading craft correctly to the best of my abilities. Performing the craft successfully will depend on your commitment, focus, personality, personal and financial circumstances.



whySome of you may be asking: why am I doing this? If I'm a successful trader why I'm wasting my time here?

Here are couple of reason:

I really enjoy helping others. Having some part in others success gives me a great pleasure that money cannot buy.

I used to scalp a lot. In those days I didn't have much time for anything else. It was becoming a bad addiction and it caused some health issues. There have been days I was spending 24 hours in front of charts. I managed to shift my trading from scalping to swing trading. I still scalp in certain occasions but not often anymore. Since getting into swin trading, I had extra time and I didn't know what to do with it.

Why not holidays etc.? I have tried but it didn't feel right. I felt like I was wasting my time. That's how I decided to start AG website. Helping other traders free where I can in my terms without restrictions. Unfortunately, free AG website didn't last long due to no-ends of time waster chit-chat kind of "wannabe" traders without any real commitment to trading.

There was two choices: turn AG into web business, like many other free trading websites or restrict access. Turning AG into web business meant forgetting about helping traders and trading and let them chit-chatting while I spend my time on maximizing monetary return. Instead, I chose to restrict access by introducing minimal membership fee to eliminate time wasters.

I guess the above also answer the question why I'm not doing it for free. Unfortunately, people tend to take free things for granted. I need to see some commitment. Nobody like their efforts going down the drain.

Traders Check List

1  Why do you want be a Trader?
2  Can you commit enough time?
3  Do you have financial means?
4  Are you a fighter or quitter?
5  Do you have a sound trading plan?
6  Did you test your trading plan?
7  What is risk management?
8  Can you handle the stress?



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 "There is only one side to the stock market. Not the bull side or the bears side, but the right side It took me longer to get that principle firmly fixed in my mind than it did most of the technical phases of the game of stock speculation." Jesse Livermore


"My plan of trading was sound enough and won oftener than it lost. If I had stuck to it, I'd been right perhaps 7 out of 10 times." Jesse Livermore


“If you want to be rich, never give up. People tend to give up. If you have persistence, you will come out ahead of most people. More importantly, you will learn. When you do something, you might fail. But that’s not because you’re a failure. It’s because you have not learnt enough. Do it differently each time. One day, you will do it right. Failure is your friend.” – Jordan Belfort